Decorative River Pebbles Black or Mixed Colors

Decorative River Pebbles | Fountains

Decorative River Pebbles
Black or Mixed Colors

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Starts at: $59.98

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 78160

Black River Pebbles are smooth, pre-washed, polished and a perfect choice to enhance your project. Ideal choice for indoor and outdoor gardens, planters and rock gardens, flower arrangements and vases, displays and decor accents, etc.

  • Easy to carry 22 lb. bags are ideal for decorative fountain applications
  • Pre-washed and polished
  • Two colors to choose from - Black River Pebbles and Mixed River Pebbles
  • Stone dimensions:  2-4 inch diameter mix
  • Each 22 lb. bag covers approximately 1.5 sq. ft. of surface
  • Features:
    - Size: 2" - 4" dia
    -Covers: Approximately 1.5 sq. ft.
    - Weight: 22 lbs.


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