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EasyPro Pressurized Bead Filters
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Part #: BFP1010


Mechanical and biological filtration for water gardens, koi ponds, hybrid ponds and fish systems 

  • Strong, heavy duty, polyethylene filter body 
  • Pre-assembled for easy "out-of-the-box" installation 
  • Easy back flush - uses six position control head
  • Includes Ultimate Tube Media
  • Minimal back pressure - high flow rate media creates very little back pressure 
  • Back flush waste line has clear section to easily monitor cleaning cycle 1 1/2" inlet/outlet lines with unions included

Optional Upgrade: Air Blower 

Using a blower to agitate the media inside the filter prior to backflush will greatly speed up the cleaning process. It also reduces water loss during backflush and helps prevent beads from clumping together.

ModelMaximum Flow RateDimensionsPond SizeInletOutlet
PBF180030 gpm / 1800 gph16" dia x 32 " tall1800 gal1.5"1.5"
50 gpm / 3600 gph19" dia x 37" tall3600 gal1.5"1.5"
PBF600070 gpm / 4200 gph24" dia x 44" tall6000 gal2"2"
PBF1000090 gpm /5400 gph31" dia x 51" tall10,000 gal2"2"

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Customer Question:

When we go to backwash the system ,it starts to backwash then we lose the water in the basket and we have to shut it down.

Easy Pro Tech Answer:

This sounds like an issue with the pump or plumbing, not the filter? Ie, when the water level drops in the pump basket, that typically indicates a lack of water supply to the pump. The cause of a reduced water supply could be as simple as a low water level in the pond, or a loose lid on the pump, or more involved like a plugged intake screen, or even a leak in the suction plumbing causing air to be sucked into the pump.

Although I cannot say for sure what is causing the issue, I would start with checking the pump's lid and o-ring, the water level in the pond, and then move on to the suction plumbing.

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