EasyPro Pro-Series Skimmers
Mini, Small, Large, & For External Pumps

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Starts at: $274.49

Brand: EasyPro


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Part #: EP36BN


Part #: MB21


  • Innovative design allows you to choose between a vertical filter mat or filter brushes
  • Removable center divider, creating two chambers in the skimmer box - one for filtering and one for the pump
  • Two chamber design eliminates cutting filter pads to fit around the pump and plumbing
  • Pumps can be inspected or removed without removing mesh net or filter pad
  • Skimmers have a flange above the opening where water enters from the pond into the skimmer, allowing you to not only stack rocks along side but also above the skimmer opening
  • Internal filters help prevent pump from plugging and easily cleaned
  • Includes BSN28 tube of black silicone in parts bag

Mini Skimmer: 

  • Skims up to 250 sq ft
  • Available in vertical style pad or filter brushes
  • Works with small extension tube (part  # SETS)

Small Skimmer

  • Skims up to 600 sq ft
  • Available with filter pad or filter brushes
  • Works with small extension tube (part # SETS)
  • PS1FB can be fitted with UV (part #PS1UV)

Large Skimmer

  • Skims ponds over 600 sq ft
  • PS2 skimmer is designed for high flow applications and does not have brushes or filter pad
  • Works with large extension tube (part # SETL)

Accessories Available:

PMLN - Replacement Debris Net for Mini Skimmer

P1LN - Replacement Debris Net for Small Skimmer

P2LN - Replacement Debris Net for Large Skimmer

SETS - 24" Extension for Mini/Small

SETL - 24" Extension Tubes for Large

PS2VM - Replacement Vertical Filter Mat for Large Skimmer

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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These skimmers are the most natural looking and easiest to hide. Pond supplies from The Pond Outlet.

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