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EasyPro Skid Mount Filtration System
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Brand: EasyPro

SKU: SMF1800

SMF6000 Deluxe skid mounted filtration systems offer complete filtration for water gardens, koi ponds, hybrid ponds and fish systems. A pressurized bead filter, external self-priming pump and UV clarifier pre-plumbed and ready to install as a “plug and go” pond filtration system. Four sizes available for 1,800 to 10,000 gallon ponds.
These deluxe filtration systems combine a pressurized bead filter (above) with an external self priming pump and a UV clarifier into one completely plumbed, ready to install, “plug and go” filter system.

Simply plumb your incoming and outgoing water lines and you are ready to go. All plumbing is completed and unions included at all connection points allowing for easy maintenance down the road• 

  • Electrical post complete with 115v power outlet and 15' power cord for easy “plug and go” installation 
  • Plumbing includes a bypass line around filter/uv 
  • Filter comes complete with backflush blower upgrade 
  • Three year warranty on entire filtration package (excludes UV bulb and sleeve
ModelMax Pond SizeFilterPumpUVSkid Size
1800 GallonsPBF1800EXP3700EPU36N33" x 33"
SMF36003600 GallonsPBF3600EXP4900EPUV3533" x 33"
SMF60006000 GallonsPBF6000EXP6800EPUV5533" x 33"
SMF1000010000 GallonsPBF10000EXP7800EPUV7548" x 48"
  • Pre-assembled and ready to install pond filter system
  • Plumbing complete with unions at connections for future maintenance
  • Strong polyethylene filter body with six position control head
  • Includes Ultimate Tube Media - high flow rate media creates very little back pressure
  • Energy efficient self-priming external pump
  • Includes blower upgrade option
  • Electrical post with 115v power outlet and 15' power cord for easy "plug and go" installation
  • Plumbing includes a 1 1/2" valved bypass line around filter system


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