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Eco-Clear Pond and Waterfall Pumps

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Brand: EasyPro

SKU: EPS1300

The new Eco-Clear submersible pond pumps offer maximum power and energy efficiency. 

The powerful, asynchronous mag drive pump is housed in a durable housing that protects it from debris. 

There are five Eco-Clear pump models to choose from with a range of flows from 1400 to 4850 gallons per hour. These pumps are perfect for pond and waterfall applications.

  • Permanent magnet motor for high efficiency and continuous duty
  • Epoxy sealed motors no oil to leak out! Safe for fish.
  • Ceramic impeller provides high wear resistance and long life designed for passing debris up to 3/8″ diameter
  • Adjustable direction outlet includes 1″, 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ step barb fitting and 1 1/2″ adaptor for PVC connection (use with rubber coupling)
  • 30′ power cord for flexibility in pond positioning
  • Convenient handle built into the outer housing
  • 2″ straight outlet for higher flows
  • The EPS4900VF model has a flow control option to adjust flow with an external control module
  • 3 year warranty

Use ECM3V to split the output!


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