Hampton Eco Statuary Pumps

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Starts at: $16.34

Brand: Hampton Water Gardens

SKU: HWG0410

Hampton Water Garden Statuary Pumps are rugged, economical, proven pumps, specifically designed for small- to medium-size ponds, statuary, and aquarium applications. Built to run steady and quiet, they will never intrude on the tranquility of any water feature or home aquarium.

  • Perfect replacement pump for tabletop fountains and small statuary
  • Variable flow control allows you to adjust to your application
  • Screened intake prevents damage to pump and aquatic life
  • Energy-efficient magnetic drive keeps costs down
  • Includes 6' power cord and 1/2" and 3/8" male slip fittings
  • UL Listed (All models except #80410)
  • 1 Year Warranty


HWG0410 - 55-GPH-5.75 watts-maximum lift 2'

HWG0415 - 75-GPH-5.75 watts-maximum lift 2.5'

HWG0420 - 130-GPH-10 watts-maximum lift 4'

HWG0425 - 150-GPH-13 watts-maximum lift 5.5'


Rugged, economical, proven pumps specifically designed for small-medium statuary.

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