EcoBlast Algae Control by Aquascape

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 29311

Granular Algae Control for Water Gardens & Koi Ponds 

EcoBlast Granular Algaecide is the fastest way to eliminate algae from waterfalls, streams and fountains. Simply sprinkle Ecoblast Granular onto the algae and watch it disappear. EcoBlast Granular works best when the product is applied directly on the algae.

Quickly start using EcoBlast to spot treat the trouble areas in the pond and follow up with S.A.B.Stream and Pond Clean to help keep it clear. S.A.B. Stream and Pond Clean breaks down the dead algae.

EcoBlast is not temperature sensitive and can be used during colder temperatures. 100% safe for fish. Use EcoBlast to treat a broad spectrum of algae

Effects of treatment are immediate and apparent (bubbling, bleaching/discoloration of algae, floating dead organic matter).

Product Available in U.S. Only 

#29311 - 8.8 oz. EcoBlast Granular 

  • 8.8 oz. treats up to 200 square feet (2,000 gallons) 
  • Unit Weight: 1 lb.  

#29312 - 38.4 oz. EcoBlast Granular 

  • 38.4 oz. treats up to 780 square feet (10,000 gallons)
  • Unit Weight: 3 lbs. 

#29313 - 7 lb. EcoBlast Granular  

  • 7 lb. treats up to 2,275 square feet (28,000 gallons) 
  • Unit Weight: 7 lbs. 

#30413- 9lb. Waterfall and Rock Cleaner (Pro EcoBlast) Granular 

  • 9.0 lbs. treats up to 780 square feet (22,000 gallons)
  • Unit Weight: 9 lbs.

Aquascape's Waterfall and Rock Cleaner (Pro EcoBlast) is the first line of defense to quickly and safely break down debris from waterfalls, streams, rocks, plant pots and anywhere build-up has occurred. Use Waterfall and Rock Cleaner to spot-treat the trouble areas on water features. It kills string algae!

  • Quickly dissolves debris from waterfalls and rocks
  • Keeps waterfalls and rocks clean and clear of debris
  • Reduces pond maintenance
  • Goes to work instantly
  • Easy to use
  • One pail treats up to 1,800 square feet/548 square meters (22,000 Gallons)
  • Kills String Algae


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  • Eliminates algae on contact 
  • Fast acting  
  • Can be used at any water temperature 
  • Ideal for waterfalls and streams
  • EcoBlast is Aquascape's #1 treatment for killing algae!
  • Easy to use dosing system 
  • Scientifically formulated

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Granular algaecide for water gardens & Koi ponds. Pond supplies from

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