Energy Advantage In-Ground Pump

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Brand: Advantage


Energy Advantage In Ground Pump is an energy efficient in-ground pump designed to replace any pump. Its superior design provides high performance, low energy consumption and a quiet operation. It is specifically designed for high head, high flow applications.

Energy Efficient and easy to install, this pump includes a see through lid allowing quick visibility alerting you if your trap needs to be cleaned. The large capacity trap allows the pump to achieve maximum flow.

Built in thermal overload protection protects the motor from overheating. Easy to install due to its common dimensions, this work horse is compatible with all filters, spas and automatic cleaners. 

Quiet and powerful, this pump is one of the most popular designs we offer and includes a full rated motor. And unlike most name brand motors today made with cheap aluminum windings that fail far to soon, these motors include stainless steel shafts and all copper windings, guaranteeing a long life.


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