Fall & Winter Formula by Clear Pond

Pond Water Treatments -  Clear Pond Fall and Winter Formula

Fall & Winter Formula by Clear Pond

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Brand: Clear Pond



Our Fall and Winter Formula is a blend of cold water aerobic and facultative anaerobes that are capable of working in both an oxygen and non-oxygen environment and also in darkness under ice.

These microbes have been isolated and trained to produce large amounts of digestive enzymes when put into pond water.

When used with FWF Dry Packets this new formulation:
•Breaks down sludge thru the winter months to prepare your pond for a healthier and cleaner Spring.
•Breaks down fish waste, leaves and other fibrous matter that has fallen into the pond throughout the spring, summer and fall months.
•Improves Oxygen content through the winter months.
•Effective in water temperatures under 55 degrees F.

A blend of probiotic bacteria and specially formulated enzymes that ensures the rapid buildup of the optimum strains of microbes for a healthy pond all winter.

Available in 5 sizes:

CLP10-16 oz

CLP11 -32 oz
CLP76 - 64 oz

CLP12-1 Gallon

CLP15-6 - 1oz Water Soluble Packets


A blend of probiotic bacteria and specially formulated enzymes.Pond supplies from ThePondOutlet. com.

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