Filter Floss Bio-Media

Filter Floss Bio-Media | Bio-Balls/Lava Rocks

Filter Floss Bio-Media

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Starts at: $61.64

Brand: EasyPro


FFM 3000′ Roll Filter Floss Bio-Media

  • Ribbon type material commonly used in EasyPro AquaFalls pond filters in place of lava rock
  • A flat strapping that is embossed on both sides creating additional surface area for bacteria
  • Lightweight, will last indefinitely and has no negative effect on water quality (unlike lava rock)
  • Pond builders prefer using Filter Floss Bio-Media in our AquaFalls filters since each media bag will weigh 4 lbs. instead of 40 lbs. when filled with lava rock
  • Each box fills three MB21 mesh bags (sold separately) and contains approximately 6 cu. ft. of media
FFM2B Mesh bag (MB21) with 2 cubic feet of Filter Floss
  • This tough nylon media bag will last for many years and can hold all types of large media
  • Includes two cubic feet of Filter Floss
  • Media bag is 1/4″ mesh and has drawstring with push button release


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