Fish Mate Bio Pond Filter (No UV)

Fish Mate Bio Pond Filter (No UV) | Gravity Filters

Fish Mate Bio Pond Filter (No UV)

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Brand: Fish Mate


The Fish Mate Biological Pond Gravity Filter is a great filter, with no UV clarifier. The Filter brush replaces UV compartment. Filter material consists of brush, filter sponges, and SUPRA BIO MEDIA.

  • Has Powerful 3 stage mechanical and biological filtration for optimal water quality and healthier fish
  • Easy filter maintenance
  • Designed to blend withnatural surroundings
  • Includes SUPRA+ bio media
  • 3 year Guarantee 
  • 2 sizes:1000 Gallon, 3000 Gallon 


Maximum flowrate: 500 GPH
Dimensions: L x W x H = 15" x 10" x 5"
Maximum flowrate: 500 GPH
Pond size: 250 - 1000 Gallons
Inlet diameter: 0.75"/1"
Outlet diameter: 1.25"

ANI271: Suitable for ponds from 750 to 3000 gallons. Multi-sized inlet and outlet are adaptable to 3/4", 1", or 1-1/4" flexible hose. Hoses and hose clamps are not included. Inlet - Outlet PVC pipe thread is BPT (British Pipe Thread) not NPT

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