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No more jimmy-rigging tubs and filters, and no more worrying about the spread of disease.
  • Separate mechanical and biological filtration for each unit
  • Completely self-contained units help prevent the spreading of disease between multiple systems
  • 160-gallon capacity
  • Durable, double-walled polyethylene construction
  • Bright blue color, allowing fish to be viewed easily
  • Built in backflush and drain line
  • 1000 GPH magnetic drive pump
  • Upflow filter containing filter pads and BioBalls(tm)
  • Compressor and air diffuser
  • Hinged aluminum framed protective net
  • Owners manual including step-by-step guide for successfully retailing fish
  • Installation DVD

Fish Retailing System Without UV

Unit Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Upflow filter contains filter pads and BioBalls
  • Storage area or housing for air compressor or optional UVC
  • Pump chamber houses 1,000 GPH magnetic pump
  • Bottom Drain molded into the unit

NurseryPro® Fish Retailing System 


To avoid fish kills allow 6-8 weeks for the biological filtration system to become established. We strongly recommend you start off with a small amount of inexpensive fish during this “break in period”. Fish loads and fish quality can gradually increase as the biological filtration establishes itself. Regular water testing will help indicate the development of the biological filtration system. Water changes should be performed weekly after stocking fish to reduce spikes in the nitrogen cycle. 

Read through this entire owners manual before adding fish! 

Remember…start out with conservative fish loads and gradually increase over the course of several weeks. 


Even though the Fish Retailing System is designed to handle large biological loads, steps must be taken in order to not overload the system initially. Since it generally takes 6-8 weeks for the cycling process to take place, it is crucial that the initial fish load be kept to a minimum. 

It is recommended that no more than 75 inches of fish be stocked into the system during the cycling period. During this time the water should be tested weekly in order to monitor how far along the cycling process is. Water changes should also be carried out at least once a week during this time. About 25% of the water should be changed at a time. 

After the cycling period has finished, more fish can be added to the system, but at a gradual pace. You DO NOT want to add too many fish at one time. For example, if you cycled the system with 12 six inch fish, you do not want to add an additional 20 six inch fish the next day. The addition of more fish will take time as the bacteria bed of the FRS matures. 

To put it simple, the longer the system has fish in it, the more beneficial bacteria that will grow, resulting in an overall greater fish load. 

The maximum amount of fish that will be able to survive in the FRS is going to be dependent on the age of the system and the regularity of maintenance (ie; water changes, replacement of carbon, changing of the UV bulb, etc).

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


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Love it, love it, love it!!!!

So very easy to maintain & clean!!! I use them to sell my koi at the nursery.

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