Fish Safe Black Silicone 2 sizes

Fish Safe Black Silicone | Foam/Tape/Glue

Fish Safe Black Silicone
2 sizes

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Starts at: $7.98

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 22010

Fish Safe Black Silicone Sealant

  • Safe for pets, plants, fish, and other aquatic life
  • Excellent adhesive properties ensure a long-lasting watertight bond
  • Great for ponds, aquariums, terrariums and more
  • Color: Black

Sealant is used for sealing joints where liner attaches to the BIOFALLS Filter snout and the skimmer faceplate. 

One Hour Dry Time

#22010  4.7 oz. tube

#29186 10.1 oz tube

Customer Question:

what should outdoor temp be to use silicone no directions included or on tube”

Aquascape Tech Answer:

I spoke with the factory – they say… You can apply this in temperatures ranging from 0 – 120 degrees F. The surface must not be frozen. He said the drying time varies with temperature and humidity – The lower the temperature and humidity the longer it takes to cure (could be 24 to 32 hours) The higher the temperature and humidity the faster it cures.


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