Five Disk Pond Fogger Kit with LED Lights by Alpine

Five Disk Pond Fogger Kit with LED Lights by Alpine | Foggers

Five Disk Pond Fogger Kit with LED Lights by Alpine

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Starts at: $204.77

Brand: Alpine


Includes fogger, transformer, floating ring and lights

5 membrane fogger with 18 multi-color LEDs, outdoor transformer and S-112 floating ring

* Creates a mystical super pond fog from water within seconds!

* New built in LED lights change color every few seconds

* LED lights are in red, yellow, & blue

* Place in any pond, or large water feature

* Simply place into floating ring, then in water and watch it fog! Water will stay cool.

* The dry ice effect without dry ice! No chemicals needed.

* Fish safe.

* Uses ultrasonic soundwaves to creat the mystical super pond fog.

* Outdoor Transformer
* 5 Membrane Fogger with 18 LEDs
* Membrane
* Floating Ring


The STI Mist Maker Pro(tm) is used to diffuse water into very small particles creating a "smoke on the water" dry ice effect without the dry ice chemicals and without the need for any special handling, safety and health concerns.

Additionally, when used indoors the STI Mist Maker Pro(tm) creates a healthy and comfortable room climate
by adding humidification to your living area.

Through its compact design, the STI Mist Maker Pro(tm) can be readily integrated for use in fountains, floral
arrangements, plant arrangements, water features and ponds.
You can also create an entertaining atmosphere by adding light and color found on most of our models
(ML series).

For even more enjoyment, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to create a soothing, relaxing and pleasantly smelling atmosphere. The possibilities and uses are limited only by your imagination.

The STI Mist Maker Pro(tm) is manufactured using state of the art electronic technology and the finest components available to assure high reliability and many years of enjoyment with proper care.

BKG32- Alpine Five Disk Fogger Kit with LED Lights  FG202LR
BKG37 - Five Disk Replacement Kit - DISCONTINUED


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