Fountain Shims - 6 pc.

Fountain Shims - 6 pc. | Fountains

Fountain Shims - 6 pc.

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Starts at: $8.78

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 78159

A necessity for anyone installing a water fountain or feature! 

Ideal for leveling resin, concrete or GFRC water fountains or feature. 

One of the most difficult aspects of installing fountains or water features is to achieve the perfect water flow, splash and sound. Aquascape Fountain Shims’ tapered design makes the smallest of adjustments quick and easy. 

The plastic stepped design will not degrade in water and the unused portion of the fountain shim can be easily removed so as not to detract from the beauty of the fountain or water feature. 

6 Shims per package

4.5" long

1/4" Elevation for each Shim


  • Level and Stabilize
  • Adjust Water Flow
  • Silence Rattles and Absorb Vibrations
  • Tapered design makes smallest adjustment quick and easy
  • Durable plastic will not degrade in water


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