Heavy Duty Bulkhead Fittings

Heavy Duty Bulkhead Fittings | Bulkhead Fittings

Heavy Duty Bulkhead Fittings

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Starts at: $11.16

Brand: EasyPro


These heavy duty bulkhead fittings feature a friction washer between the nut and the tank/liner for more positive sealing

·Inside threads are female pipe thread, use male adapter to connect PVC flex pipe

·Locking nut is a left hand thread (counter clockwise to tighten)

·Thick EPDM gasket between head and tank/liner ensures leak free installation

·See chart for hole size needed in tank wall for installation

Part #

Size Hole Size
BF50N ½” 1 ½”
BF75N ¾” 1 ½”
BF100N 1” 2 ¼”
BF125N 1 ¼” 2 ¼”
BF150N 1 ½” 3”
BF200N 2” 3”
BF300N 3” 4 5/8”
BF400N 4” 5 ¾”
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