Hornwort - Ceratophyllium Demersum Minimum Order 5

Hornwort - Ceratophyllium Demersum | Submerged/Oxygenating Plants

Hornwort - Ceratophyllium Demersum
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5-6 plant strands are packaged together as a "bunch". Minimum order is 5 bunches.

The tips will shorten and thicken in fall, before falling off and settling on the pond floor to spend the winter as buds. In spring, these buds grow to repopulate the pond.

Hornwort submerged pond plant is an excellent oxygenating pond plant. Hornwort resembles an underwater juniper bush, with multiple branches of thick, dark green foliage. Hornwort forms a dense mat and does not develop roots. Like other submerged pond plants, it receives nutrients from the water and helps keep water clear. Baby fish love to hide in this submerged plant because of its dense growing habit. Use one to two bunches for every 10 square feet of surface area, simply attaching weights and sinking to the bottom of the pond.

Planting Instructions: Plant your hornworts by setting them into your aquarium or pond, at least 10 inches deep. They can grow a hundred feet tall in deep bodies of water as New Zealanders have realized. The plants grow there so voraciously that they struggle to keep hornwort under control. You can grow these rootless plants as long as you have enough light.
Cut off or break off the tips of the fronds and let them settle to the bottom of the water. You can attach weights to them to hold them at the bottom.These will quickly grow in warm temperatures to form new plants. In the wild, these tops will break off in the winter when the temperatures fall. In the spring, growth restarts from these tops.
Thin out the hornworts when they have grown in mass in the water and are threatening to fill up the area. Grab handfuls and throw them into the compost or use a sieve. Just be warned that this movement will probably break off pieces of the plant that will regenerate into new growth, so be prepared to thin them out on a regular basis.

Hardiness Zone: 5-11
Light Requirements: Full Sun to part shade
Height: 8-10 feet
Water Depth: 1' - 10'

Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Natural
Water Conditions: 59-86 F, KH 5-15, pH 6.0-7.5
Propagation: Side Shoots
Max. Size: 2'
Color Form: Green
Origin: Farm Raised
Family: Ceratophyllaceae

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