Inline Flow Meter

Inline Flow Meter | Check Valves/Flow Control

Inline Flow Meter

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Starts at: $191.09

Brand: EasyPro


Inline flow meter allows for accurate and reliable flow rate measurement without sticking floats or paddle wheels.

  • Great for filter systems and UVs, 95-98% accuracy 
  • Can be installed right next to tees or elbows in any position 
  • 2" model has integrated check valve 
  • 2" body is CPVC, 3" and 4" body are PVC 
  • Fits schedule 40 or 80 pipe

FMV20 2" Flow meter/check valve  10-110 GPM

FMV30 3" Flow meter  90-220 GPM

FMV40 4" Flow meter 150-300 GPM


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