KH Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster by Microbe-Lift

KH Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster by Microbe-Lift | pH Control

KH Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster by Microbe-Lift

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Brand: Microbe-Lift


Essential for Nitrification

• Tap Water
• Tank Water
• Change Water

When pond carbonate levels fall below the necessary level, nitrification will stop and will fail to start again.

With the loss of KH (carbonate alkalinity) pH levels will vary and pH will be difficult to control as KH stabilizes pond pH.

The natural biological ammonia removal process in ponds referred to as nitrification and:
• Requires the presence of KH (carbonate alkalinity) at all times.

• Utilizes 7.1 mg. of KH for every 1 mg. of ammonia removed.

• Continuously depletes KH so KH must be monitored and restored as necessary with MICROBE-LIFT/KH Bio-Active Booster (ML/KH).

Maintain 50-100 ppm KH at all times to assure nitrification.

A full flat level scoop (enclosed) will raise the KH by approximately:
80/ppm in 30 gallons (113 L)
50/ppm in 50 gallons (189 L)
25/ppm in 100 gallons (378 L)

Available in:

  • EML268 - 2-LBS 
  • EML269 - 8-LBS
  • EML299  - 20 lbs

To raise KH in 4,000 gal pond, wanting to keep the KH level above 80 ppm:

To raise by 25 ppm→ add 40 scoops

To raise by 50 ppm→ add 80 scoops

To raise by 80 ppm (in pond that has crashed)→ add 133 scoops!

[Ideal KH level in pond is 100-300 ppm/mg/L, with the higher the better, especially in heavily stocked ponds and lined ponds.]


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