Kink-Free Pipe from AquaScape

Kink-Free Pipe for Ponds

Kink-Free Pipe from AquaScape

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Starts at: $59.98

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 94002

High quality smooth bore.

Corrugated, flexible hose that cannot kink.

Optimizes the performance of your barbed fittings and clamps

Available Sizes:

Kink-free Pipe 3/4" x 100' - 94003 (up to 900 GPH)

Kink-free Pipe 1" x 100' - 94004 (1,500 GPH)

Kink-free Pipe 1 1/4" x 100' - 94005 (2,700 GPH)

Kink-free Pipe 1 1/2" x 25' - 94006 (2,800 GPH)

Kink-free Pipe 1 1/2" x 100' - 94007 (2,800 GPH)

(New) Kink-Free Pipe 3/4" x 25' - 94002

(New) Kink-Free Pipe 1" x 25' - 94001

(New) Kink-Free Pipe 1 1/4" x 25' - 94000

Caution: Metric - Run a bit smaller than corresponding inches (Either - the barbs on insert fittings can be "shaved off" with a knife - or filed down to accommodate the metric hose - or the black vinyl and black PVC will work with our fittings).

Virtually 98% of Kink-Free Tubing sold by the majority of Pond stores including us, is Metric and not US Standard in its measurement.

This means simply that it doesn't go right over most U.S. fittings that you buy at the hardware store or in some cases fittings that are included with certain garden pond items. It will seem to be too small and it is so you need to "help it" fit.

We use a heat gun / or hair dryer to soften it up and sometimes we use a little sand paper or a box-cutter knife to sand away some of the plastic on the barb fittings to make it easier to use.

Proper size pond tubing is very important. If you want to achieve maximum flow rates and pump efficiency you must choose the correct plumbing. 


Corrugated, flexible hose that cannot kink. All pond necessities available at

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