Koi Grower Food

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Brand: Zeigler

SKU: ZE200210

Zeigler Koi Grower is a high performance diet designed to meet the demanding needs of growing fish during earlier stages of development. 

The diet contains spirulina and other natural marine ingredients to enhance the vibrant colors of your fish. Stable vitamin C and brewers yeast are included to help improve immune function and promote healthy tissue development. Higher levels of marine protein sources are incorporated to maximize palatability, digestibility, and growth. 

Koi Grower is also supplemented with Vpak, an all-natural additive, to help increase resistance to diseases. As with all Zeigler diets, Koi Grower is manufactured according to ISO-9001 guideline

  • Provides higher nutrient densities for growing fish in early developmental stages
  • Fortified with Spirulina and other natural marine ingredients to enhance coloration
  • Contains stable Vitamin C & Brewers Yeast to promote healthy fin, gill, & tissue development
  • Formulated for high palatability and digestibility to minimize excreted waste
  • Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) an all-natural, nutritional feed supplement, designed to improve overall fish health and resistance to disease
  • Excellent floatability and water stability...does not cloud the water
  • Nitrogen preserved to improve shelf-life and freshness


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