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Koi Sock Net

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Starts at: $47.98

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 81057

Protect your pond fish from stress and damage with the Aquascape Koi Sock Net. The Koi Sock Net is specially designed to safely transfer and handle pond fish, including koi and ornamental goldfish. 

The soft, coarse, black mesh effectively prevents damage to fish fins and scales. Simply use one hand to close the far end of the open-ended net and slowly move the fish into the net headfirst.

To reduce the weight of the net during fish transfer, the mesh will not hold water. 

The durable rubber-coated handle provides a secure grip and the lightweight frame maximizes maneuverability. A nylon loop is integrated on the handle to make it easy to hang the net for storage.

Net Measurements: 13L x 11.25W x 38.5 D

  • Ideal for safely moving and handling pond fish
  • Protect your koi and goldfish from stress and damage
  • Soft-coarse mesh prevents damage to fish fins and scales
  • Net does not hold water to reduce the net weight during fish transfer
  • 8 long handle
  • Net Measurements: 13L x 11.25W x 38.5 D


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