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Koi Toilet I

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Brand: DreamPond


KOITOILET I The most versatile and complete solution for Aerated Koi Pond Bottom Drains.

The Koitoilet I has a sweep type bottom design to eliminate trapping debris. Also the Koitoilet I has a full 4" height over horizontal discharge pipe.

  • 1" The air supply connection on the Koitoilet I is at the bottom through center column.
  • Koitoilet I's screws are fully encapsulated in large and strong screw pockets.
  • Koitoilet I threaded center column makes for easy disassemble and maintenance of the Koi Toilet I.
  • Koitoilet I has a wide and thick flange for better liner grip.
  • Koitoilet I has a slanted air dome and high quality air diffuser with internal check valve function.
  • Air diffuser will work with 25 lpm air pump, but 40 lpm is recommended (per drain).
  • Threaded center column for easy maintenance

  • The 3” Koi Toilet II (KTR30) is a standard domed bottom drain w/a 3” SPIG base that slides INTO any 3” PVC or ABS SOCKET fitting.  
  • There is no grate option. 
  • The grate option is only available as a 4” screened cover Koi Toilet.
  • It is composed of a standard 9-screw flange fitting that sandwiches the liner (if used w/liner) to the base.  
  • There are 3 preformed “legs” that extend from bottom of the dome & is screwed/secured onto the flange.

Dimensions of 3" Koi Toilet:

Dome Diameter = 10-15/16" (10.9375")

Flange Diameter = 7-1/4" (7.25")

Base Diameter = 7-5/16" (7.3125")

Base Height = 2-1/8" (2.1250")

Flange Height = 1/4" (0.25")

Dome Height = 2"

Overall Height = 4.3750"

The internal diameter of the flange on the 4 inch Koi Toilet is 10".

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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Image 1.0 stars out of 5
poor workmanship - Leak magnet

The coupling that attaches to the koi toilet has a heat sink mark and injection point at the center of the coupling. This would obvioulsy be a leak - I have been unable to get a replacement through warranty replacement.

Reviewed Tue, Sep 10 2019 4:28 pm by

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