Koi Toilet II

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Starts at: $81.94

Brand: DreamPond


Koi Toilet features:

  • Made of heavy duty injection molded ABS.
  • Thick flange and liner ring for better liner grip.
  • Flare design for smooth flow.
  • Fits 4 or 3 inch Sch40 PVC Elbow or Coupling.
  • Excellent for liner and concrete installation.
  • Also available w/ screen.


I am looking to install a bottom filter in my pond and was considering the 3" KoiToilet II by DreamPond. Can you tell me what other parts I would need to complete the installation and connect it to a skimmer? 

KoiToilet Supplier Answer:

If this is an existing pond, it would be difficult to install this bottom drain. The Koi Toilets are most of the time installed with new installation. The drain is mounted under the liner with dome on top of liner. I cannot say that some may mount on top of liner, that that would be very, very few. If pond is existing, then the Aqua Art Retro-Drains are often used. They are mounted on top of liner. If connecting to skimmer, there would be tubing from Retro Drain to side of pond. A bulkhead fitting would be used to have water pass through liner. Then, on outside of liner, more tubing would be attached to other side of bulk head fitting. That tubing would then be attached to skimmer with a 2nd bulk head. Where it attaches to skimmer depends on the brand of skimmer. I hope this helps a bit.


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