LED Light Rings by Stowasis

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Brand: Stowasis


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LED light rings are innovative light source for shinning up running water at fountain water outlet, waterfalls, water fountain spray nozzle or water taps. 

Each LED ring comes with low voltage transformer and 33' long submersible cord.

For use in/out of water

1 Year Warranty

Comes with standard 2 Prong Connections

LRA12W Question & Answers:

Question: The 2 Prongs will not fit snugly in the transformer. Can you send me another light?

Answer: Please see picture. The "nut" on the transformer screws off and can be discarded. Then the two prongs on light cord are inserted into transformer and the nut on the cord is then threaded to hold prongs in place.

LRA24B Question & Answers:

Questiondimensions Inner diameter, outer diameter?   

Answer: Inner diameter  1 5/8" - Outer Diameter   2 5/16"

Question: LED Specs (Exact color and lumens)

Answer: The blue is a "bright" blue color - we do not know the lumens

Question: Are they dimmable?    

Answer: They come with their own single light transformer. If transformer can be plugged into a device that decreases current, we would think that the light may dim, but have not tried this process.

Question: Are the changing colors controllable or how often do they change

Answer: They stay a few seconds on each color and blend into the next color

Question: Can you get just the power supply part of these lights? I have one and broke one of the blades off the plug?

Answer: They each come with their own single use transformer. If he wants to power with one larger transformer, he would have to chose a transformer that has more watts that the combined requirement for the 7 light rings.Then he would need to purchase socket connectors (BKM56 (PL6)) at /home/tpo/page_7493_254/low_voltage_socket_connectors_for_transformers_by_.html .We have a 6-way, not a 7 way. He could possibly buy (2) 4-way (BKM54) and hook them together to have a minimum of 7 spots that he could connect to. Each light ring requires 14 watts. 14x7 = 98 watts. I would suggest a 120-150 watt universal transformer. I have not attached 7 of the light rings to a single transformer, but if done correctly, it should work

LRA120W and LRA120C:

LED Fountain Light Ring contains 120 mini bulbs!

Diameter of the outside light ring is approx. 8.5 inches. 

Center of Inner bracket measures 1 3/8" ID.

Cord length is 33 feet.

Only Uses about 5 watts.

Comes with transformer but may be cut off and two wires spliced into any low voltage system

The color changing is random. The colors change on a slow blend from color to color and not a flashing type of color changing as some do.


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