Loki Pond Utility Nets

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Loki Pond Utility Nets

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Starts at: $37.65

Brand: Loki Nets


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Part #: LOK33


Designed to handle pond maintenance, handling koi, and skimming leaves.

Feature Monorail aluminum bows.

Small, soft mesh is knotless and strong.

Shallow, flat-bottom allows for easy fish handling and easy maneuvering in corners.

LOK01: 9" X 6" X 4" Deep w/18" Handle  1/8" White Mesh

LOK02: 12" X 13" X 3" Deep w/ 4' Handle  1/8" White Mesh 

LOK03 16" X 16" X 3" Deep w/4' Handle  1/8" White Mesh


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