Loki Triangle Skimmer Nets

* Loki Nets have been made in the USA since 1965. 

* Exceptional quality, durability, and trouble-free functionality.

* Made from 100% nylon under strict quality control conditions.

Made in the popular triangle-style, these nets feature Monorail hoops, knotless netting with sewn-in buttoms and aluminum handles

LOK37 - 15" x 12" frame; 3" net depth; 4' handle; black micro-mesh  - Good for silt - tighter weave than LOK37 - Almost difficult to pull thru the water because so tight a weave

LOK38 - 15" x 12" frame; 3" net depth; 4' handle; 1/8" white mesh - More open-weave - Catches everything but silt - easier to move thru the water than LOK38

SHIPPING NOTE: Nets will come disassembled to allow for normal UPS shipping. You will just need to put a couple of screws on upon receipt.

Image Loki Triangle Skimmer Nets

Image 2 Loki Triangle Skimmer Nets

Image 3 Loki Triangle Skimmer Nets

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