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Matala Koi Viewing Bowls

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Brand: Matala


Matala Koi Viewing Bowls are the perfect choice for photographing Koi. 

These viewing bowls are also ideal for use when observing and medicating Koi. 

Available in sizes from 43-inches to 84-inch diameters to fit your specific needs. 

Smooth and extremely sturdy ideal for transport, viewing, inspection, medicating, etc.

Note: Due to their dimensions, larger Matala Koi Viewing Bowls and Tanks are considered oversize by FedEx / UPS. 

KVB-70 - 22" Diameter x 11.5" tall

KVB-90 - 26.6" Diameter x 12.4" tall

KVB350 43" diameter x 20" tall. 

KVB600 47" diameter x 23" tall.

KVB2200 69" diameter x 39" tall. - DISCONTINUED

KVB3200 84" diameter x 39" tall - DISCONTINUED


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