Mosaic Floating Bog Plant -Ludwigia Sedioides

Pond Plants - Mosaic Floating Bog Plant -Ludwigia Sedioides

Mosaic Floating Bog Plant -Ludwigia Sedioides

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Mosaic Floating Bog Plant -Ludwigia Sedioides

  • Floating or Tropical Bog Plant
  • Add Plant Interest To Your Water Garden
  • Increases Natural Filtration

The 3" round clusters of small red and green leaves make the Mosaic pond plant a favorite. The diamond shaped leaves grow from a central radius, forming a mosaic-like pattern. Mosaic plant is intolerant of alkaline water and will die if the pH is above 8. Will thrive in warm temperatures of 70º F and above, in a sunny to partly shaded location. This unusual and attractive Mosaic water plant can be placed on the surface of the water or planted as a tropical bog plant. It will spread to cover 24" in a single season.

PLANT TYPE Floating or Bog Plant 


GROWING LIGHT Full Sun To Partial Shade

 PLANT SPREAD 12" - 24" 

WATER DEPTH 12" - 18" 

Size of Plant Shipped: Bare root -- approx. 2-3" diameter

ALSO KNOWN AS Ludwigia sedioide


Plant can be placed on the surface of the water or planted.

When treating the Mosaic like a Tropical Bog, plant directly into pond and water garden planting shelves or you fill individual planting containers loosely with aquatic planting media, placing the appropriate fertilizer tablets into the bottom half of the planting media and covering them over, then filling planting media 2/3 to the top. Place the plant in the center of the pot with the roots spread out over the planting media, and then continuing to cover the roots with planting media. The crown of the plant, which is the connection between the roots and stems, can usually be about 1" below the surface of the planting media for best results. Avoid using bagged potting mix and other lightweight soils because they will float and continually cloud pond water.


Regular fertilization of your Mosaic water plant will keep it growing well all season long. CrystalClear® Thrive™ Fertilizer Tablets can be pushed into the soil at planting time and from April through August, see label for fertilizer application rates.


For best results, trim or prune as leaves and flowers begin to turn yellow or brown, remove them completely, discarding them to keep as much excess organic material out of water-body as possible.


In Zones 8 and lower, remove plant from pond prior to first frost and discard.


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