OASE Fountain Nozzles

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Brand: OASE

SKU: OAS51262

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OAS51262 - 4 Pattern Set 1/2"

Add a beautiful water display to your small pond or water garden with this nozzle set. Included are 4 nozzles that each provide a unique water pattern for your water feature. The 1/2" extension tube will screw directly into pumps with a 1/2" FPT outlet.

Nozzle kit includes:

  • Extension tube with flow control
  • 1/2" Bell Nozzle
  • 1/2" Jets Nozzle
  • 1/2" Calyx Nozzle
  • 1/2" Vulcan Nozzle
  • Hose Tail Adapter
  • Diverter Valve for 1/4" Tubing
  • 3 year limited warranty

OASE #53224 - Frothy 1" Nozzle

The lively bubbling water pattern generated by the foam effect nozzles is the optimal accessory for watercourse inlets, stepped pool installations, or fountain installations with a water reservoir at a lower level. By mixing air with water, the pattern appears to be extremely high-volume. Nevertheless the nozzles actually have a low water requirement. The beautiful soft foam jet offers a strong contrast to its environment. As opposed to Cascade and Geyser nozzles, Schaumsprudler nozzles work independently of the water level so that fluctuations in the water level do not affect the water pattern.. High contrast, lively water pattern.. Foam / spume effect.. Trouble-free continuous operation.. Offers oxygen enrichment.. Extensively wind-stable.. Water level independent. # 53224. Oase Fountain Nozzle Frothy 1'' (MPN 53224) / 1.5 ft. / 1 in. (male)

Dimensions (Dia x L): 2.4 x 6.3 in.

Limited Warranty: 1 Year


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