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Orange Canna - Canna Orange King Humbert

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 All plants will be shipped "Zone-Appropriate" in Spring 2019.

Plant orders are shipped "Zone Appropriate" in order to ensure that your climate is right for plant survival. Our growers monitor weather conditions and ship accordingly.

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Orange Canna - Canna Orange King Humbert

The showy flowers feature orange petals with splashes of yellow on the edges. Foliage is green. This orange canna is a very attractive canna that will grow to 4 to 5 feet high. In colder climates, simply cut back the foliage when it has died back from frost and store the tubers in peat in a cool, dark place.

Hardiness Zone: 8-11
Planting Container: 2 gallon solid planting container or a Large Planting Bag.
Light Requirements: full sun to part shade
Height: 4' to 5' - Spread: 1' to 3'
Water Depth: Moist Soil to Water Depth of 1"


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