pH Decrease by Microbe-Lift

pH Decrease by Microbe-Lift | pH Control

pH Decrease by Microbe-Lift

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Brand: Microbe-Lift


Safely LOWERS pH levels.
Formulated in deionized water, includes 2 pH increasers and 3 electrolytes.
Contains a slime coat ingredient for skin protection and stress reduction. Has a chelating agent to enhance water quality.
Not harmful to fish or plants.
Treatment amount varies depending on degree of change in pH required ... not more than 0.5 pH units in 24 hr to avoid shock to aquatic life.
Dosage is one ounce per 375 gallons for every 0.1 pH unit decrease desired.

Available in 3 sizes:

EML174 -16 oz -

EML175 -32 oz -

EML176-1 Gallon -


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