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Piggyback Switch

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Brand: Matala



20' Cord

The Piggyback switch design was a major advancement in sump and ejector pumps.

Our picture shows two cord ends, one leads to the pump and one leads to the switch.

When the switch is activated it allows power to flow through and run the pump.

A key benefit is that it can be easily be replaced.

Another is that it it can be replaced without replacing the pump.

Also this system lets you "force run" the pump by bi-passing the switch.

This last feature is great for emergency operations as well as testing purposes.


I was wondering if the following could be attached to an automated valve? Piggyback Switch I have a customer who whats his pivot intake pond to shut off when full. It is gravity fed by 12 inch PIP. If you have any other ideas please let me know.

Supplier Answer:

Even though we are more concerned about shutting the pump off when the water in a skimmer gets too low, the same Piggy Back switch would work to turn the pump on when the pump is surrounded by water. The end of the Piggy Back switch with the "ball" inside floats with the level of the water. When water lifts the end of the switch to a designated level, power is provided to pump and it will turn on. And it will shut pump off when the water gets to the designated lower level.


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