DIY Black Waterfall Foam Sealant
No gun needed

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 21053

As of 6/1/21 Aquascape is out-of-stock on all DIY Foam and unable to give an ETA due to "Supply Chain" issues:

As a substitute, please order:

Easy Pro Black Waterfall Foam - 20 oz #BWFN

Rockin' Foam by Tierra Innovations - 20 oz #ROCKFOAM

Easy to use for the beginner or do-it-yourselfer. Aquascape black polyurethane waterfall foam is ideal for filling joints and gaps between rocks and boulders maximizing the amount of water cascading over the waterfall and rushing down the stream.

Convenient and economical for a small project or the quick touch-up on a larger project. 

No application gun needed!


How low a temperature can the Black Waterfall Foam be used in?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

It does not set up as well in low temperatures same with the silicone.  We usually advise 50.  Lower than that it takes a lot longer to set up.  If its freezing it will not work.  If a can of foam freezes (left in a truck overnight in freezing weather) it will be permanently altered and will not work.  I have had some luck with guys bring out the cans and keeping them in trucks running with the heat on or inside their coats next to their bodies.  I have also seen the guys in CO using the ski socks that have the battery warmers in them and slide it over the foam can to keep it warm as they work.


Can you paint the Black Waterfall Foam 

Aquascape Tech Answer: 

Weve never attempted it but they can try a small section with a marine grade paint to see if it holds


Customer asks which way to turn the Flow Adjustment screw after using? 

Aquascape Tech Answer:

To the right


Can you help bail this customer out. His Economy Foam Gun got all gummed up and he still has 3 Pro Cans of Foam left that he wants to use. What can he do to get it back working

Aquascape Tech Answer:

So I am assuming that he cannot get a can of cleaner threaded onto the gun? Otherwise I have heard of contractors submerging the gun in antifreeze for 24 hours & that will dissolve the hardened foam.

Please click on the PDF File below for the Complete Instructions (Actual Label on Can):

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