Pond Fancier

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Brand: Zeigler

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Zeigler Pond Fancier is a nutritionally complete and balanced diet for all pond fish. The diet is formulated with stable vitamin C and brewers yeast to help improve immune function and promote healthy tissue development. Higher levels of marine protein sources are incorporated to maximize palatability and digestibility. 

Pond Fancier is a wheat based diet, ideal for feeding during colder periods of the year. The low protein/low fat content makes it a lower energy diet that is easily digested when fish are experiencing colder water temperatures. 

Pond Fancier is also supplemented with VpakTM, an all-natural additive, to help increase resistance to diseases. As with all Zeigler diets, Pond Fancier is manufactured according to ISO-9001 guidelines

  • Feed as the sole diet 1 to 3 times daily. 
  • No supplementation is necessary for healthy fish. 
  • Feed freely; only as much as the fish will consume in 5 minutes of feeding.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 
  • Maintains nutritive value and shelf life up to 2 years for cans and pouches and 6 months for the 33 lb. bag. 
  • Frozen storage helps extend shelf life.
  • Contains Wheat Germ to aid in digestion during cool weather
  • Contains stable Vitamin C & Brewers Yeast to promote healthy fin, gill, and tissue development
  • Utilizes optimal nutrient densities to help assure adequate nutrition
  • Formulated for high palatability and digestibility to minimize excreted waste
  • Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) an all-natural, nutritional feed supplement, designed to improve overall fish health and resistance to disease
  • Excellent floatability and water stability...does not cloud the water
  • Nitrogen preserved to improve shelf-life and freshness


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