Pond Force Bio-Blocks

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Starts at: $40.22

Brand: Pond Force


Pond Force™ Bio-Blocks polyester sponge blocks provide an ideal environment for the cultivation of beneficial bacteria. With over 500 square feet of surface area per cubic foot of Bio-Blocks, bacteria will have plenty of room to grow and thrive.

Pond Force Bio-Blocks #PFBLOCKS - 1 Cubic Foot

  • 1 cubic foot of polyester blocks 
  • 20'' x 30'' mesh bag 
  • Approx. 500 sq/ft of surface area 
  • Very economical pricing 
  • Long lasting material

Pond Force Bio-Block #PFBLOCKS8 - 8 Cubic Foot Box

• 8 cubic foot box - (Media Bag not included)


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