Pond & Lake Bacteria Natural Water Clarifier

Pond & Lake Bacteria Natural Water Clarifier | Water Clarifiers

Pond & Lake Bacteria Natural Water Clarifier

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Starts at: $145.26

Brand: Pond Force


This product contains beneficial pond bacteria, which non-chemically clears up murky pond and lake water. This formulation also contains pulverized barley straw powder to help achieve water clarity. 

It is packaged in convenient, pre-measured one ounce water soluble packets to eliminate the hassle of applying loose powders.

Each pail (10# or 25#) contains 8 oz water soluble packets. 

PFTP10- 10 lb Pail

PFTP25- 25 lb Pail

  • 1 oz water soluble packets
  • Non-chemically eliminates murky water caused by organic waste
  • Bacteria Eats organic bottom sludge (muck)
  • One lb. (16 packets) per 1/4 acre of pond every 1-2 weeks
  • Reduces toxic ammonia and nitrate
  • Reduces problem causing nitrate and phosphate


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