Pond Shark Nets 2 handle lengths

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Pond Shark Nets
2 handle lengths

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 74004

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The Aquascape Pond Shark is a versatile pond net that combines three helpful tools into one easy-to-use product, making pond cleanup and maintenance easier than ever. 

The Pond Shark includes a sturdy net to handle fish and collect pond debris and innovative raking and scraping blades to tear through and collect unwanted pond debris or string algae. 

The integrated telescoping steel handle is extremely durable. Choose from: 

74004 Pond Shark extends to 60"

74005 Pond Shark Pro extends to 96"


Image 5.0 stars out of 5
The Pond Shark net

The single best tool for keeping my pond clear of weeds and other debris. I've used it for several seasons, and it shows no wear. Works like a charm--fill it with weeds, turn it over and it empties easily without having to clean it out by hand. I like it so much that I'm buying a spare this year.

Reviewed Wed, Apr 21 2021 2:12 pm by

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