Pondmaster Nets

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Starts at: $19.32

Brand: PondMaster

SKU: 2144

Telescoping pond nets that are specifically designed for Koi, surface skimming, and general all-purpose use.

Nets feature heavy duty aluminum construction and soft, fish-safe nylon black netting.

Telescoping, sure-grip handle extends to 6-1/2-ft.

Available in 6 styles:

SUP02134-Skimmer Net (triangle-shaped 14" x 16"6" deep) 

02144-WLS- Skimmer Net (triangle-shaped 10" x 12", 36" handle) NEW

SUP02135-All-purpose Net (square 16" x 16" 12" deep) 

02145-WLS- All-purpose Net (square 11" x 12", 36" handle) NEW

SUP02136-Koi Net (round 20" x 22"12" deep) 

02146-WLS- Koi Net (round 12" Dia., 36" handle) NEW


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