Power Beam Low Voltage Halogen Lights by Alpine

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Brand: Alpine


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Part #: BKL42


Create stunning, dramatic light displays both in the water and out!
Power Beam will help you add night time beauty to your decorative pond, fountain, plants, or landscaping.

Power Beam Lights are offered in 10 and 20 Watts. 

 Choose from the following:

BKG70 (10 watt light only with 23' cord) PLM110

BKG71 (10 watt light with transformer, 23' cord) PLM110T

BKG72 (set of 3- 10 watt lights, no transformer, 23' cord) PLM310

BKG73 (set of 3- 10 watt lights, with 60 Watt transformer -  23' cord to 1st light - 5' between lights) PLM310T

BKG80 (20 watt light only with 23' cord) PLM120

BKG81 (20 watt light with transformer, 23 cord) PLM120T

BKG83 (set of 3-20 watt lights, with transformer, 23' cord) PLM320T

BKM10 (10 watt Replacement Bulb)

The 10 Watts can be used inside and outside of water, wet or dry. 

The 20 Watts MUST be submerged in water during use. 

Each light contains 5 interchangeable lenses and are offered both with and without transformers.

Each Light Measure: 2" D x 3" H

Available in single and sets of three Power Beam kits.

Available with transfomers and without.

Four colored lenses in red, blue, green, and yellow are included for each light.

(5' between lights in 3 light sets)

Includes magnetic base

2 yr.warranty 

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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Use these pond lights above water or below.

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