Pressure Relief Valve

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Pressure Relief Valve

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 29160

Eliminates "Floating Liner" and "Water pockets under liner"

Works in 4 minimum to 7 maximum depth

Pressure Relief Valve A pressure relief valve (PRV) was designed to counter the effects of hydrostatic pressure in larger ponds with a minimum depth of five feet. Hydrostatic pressure builds up beneath the liner, usually due to a high water table, and forms air bubbles. The pressure can be so powerful that it actually stretches the liner and forms liner bubbles that can be seen above the water level, regardless of the heavy rocks holding it down. The PRV is a spring-loaded device (rated at 90 PSI) that opens when enough hydrostatic pressure is present, allowing the ground water to enter the system. Once the pressure is released, the valve will close on its own and the spring gasket will re-seal the system. A minimum depth of five feet is recommended to create enough pressure on top of the liner to counter the PSI rating for the valve and allow the device to pop open. For example, a PRV will not work on a pond that is 50 x 50 x 3 deep, but will work on an 11 x 16 x 5 deep pond. Note: Alternate methods of pressure relief involve running small diameter pipe underneath the pond liner, allowing gases and groundwater to escape.


I get water under my pond during a heavy rain. Is there something I can put in the bottom to let the water in the pond so where it doesn't have water under it. Looks like the liner floats but it is full of water and no it is not air.

Aquascape Tech Answer:

You could use a pressure relief valve #29160 in the bottom of the pond thru the liner in the deepest section. You will need to install a 2 bulkhead fitting as well to thread the valve into. It is a spring loaded valve that will release the water from under the liner into the pond. I would also recommend using cover tape & EPDM primer where the valve & bulkhead are being installed, this will prevent folds in the liner when threading the bulkhead in.  


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