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Brand: PondMaster

SKU: SUP20350

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Part #: SUP21105


Continuous duty pump designed for use in pond skimmers to move large volumes of water efficiently and quietly through filtration systems, waterfalls, fountains, or streams.

  • Silent and Efficient
  • High Efficiency Vortex Impeller
  • Unique Upright Design, Specifically for Pond Skimmer Use
  • Rigid Pre-Filter Stabilizes Pump while Protecting it from Large Debris
  • 1" Male Outlet and 1" Elbow Included
  • Designed to Move Large Volumes of Water

Compact size allows for it to fit into virtually any skimmer.

FREE - Pump Bag Included with each pump, for Extra Pump Protection

3 Year Warranty

Models Available

SUP20350 - PondMaster ProLine Skimmer Pump 1400 GPH

SUP20355 - PondMaster ProLine Skimmer Pump 2550 GPH

SUP20360 - PondMaster ProLine Skimmer Pump 5100 GPH

SUP20365 -  PondMaster ProLine Skimmer Pump 6600 GPH

Replacement Rotors

SUP21105 - Rotor for Skimmer Pump 1400GPH

SUP21110 - Rotor for Skimmer Pump 2559 GPH

SUP21115 - Rotor for Skimmer Pump 5100 GPH

SUP21125 - Rotor for Skimmer Pump 6600 GPH


Part Number 


Dimensions (D x H) 


Cord Length 


Skimmer Pump High Head 

6" x 14" 




Skimmer Pump 

6" x 14"  




Skimmer Pump  High Head

6" x 17" 




Skimmer Pump 

6" x 17" 



Key Features

  • Oil-Free, Magnetic-drive
  • Overload protection from self-resetting thermal overload switch
  • Cost-saving, energy efficient operation
  • Vortex impeller, with large pre-filter, easy to disassemble without tools
  • 20ft Grounded Power Cord
  • Pump must be used either partially or completely immersed in a skimmer or pump vault.
  • Unique upright design, specifically for pond skimmer use.
  • Rigid pre-filter stabilizes pump while protecting it from large debris
  • Includes 1-1/2" elbow, connector and coupler for 1-1/2" - Unique fitting works with both true size and oversize spiral non-kink tubing. 
  • Free Mesh Pump Bag included for extra pump protection
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty 
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