Satellite Skimmer by Atlantic Water Gardens - PS3000

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Satellite Skimmer by Atlantic Water Gardens
- PS3000

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Brand: Atlantic Water Gardens


ATLPS3000 - Satellite Skimmer

Use the Atlantic Water Garden Pro-Series Satellite Skimmer to aid in keeping your pond free from debris and your water crystal clear. It's advanced design simplifies installation ( Can be installed either through liner or place the whole unit inside the pond), reduces equipment cost and creates ideal water clarity. This unit offers unsurpassed function, acting as a macro filter that catches large debris. This skimmer is designed to act as a supplemental skimmer to filter hard to reach areas of your pond. The satellite skimmer should be used in addition and connected to a full sized pond skimmer. This use can benefit areas of the pond that are hard to reach or are poorly circulated. Place your submersible pond pump directly into the Satellite Skimmers basin to hide and protect your pump. Placing the pump in the filter tank makes pipping convenient and offers unbeatable access.  You may easily cut an opening  for the discharge using a hole saw or jig saw and installing the included 2" bulkhead (silicone adhesive sealant included). This unit has a 6" weir to filter ponds using a pump flowing up to 3,800 GPH . The flat sturdy lid of this skimmer can be camouflaged using plants or large rocks. Can be used with Atlantic Skimmer Models PS6000 or larger.

  • Installs inside or outside the pond. 
  • Can also be used as stand alone skimmer. 
  • Uses rigid basket and mat to filter.
  • Use with skimmers PS7000 and up.

Weir Width: 6"

Dimensions: 13"W x 13"D x 25"H

Pump Flow Range: 1,000-3,000

Filtering: Basket, Mat

Made in USA


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