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As larger water features and high turnover requirements continue to gain popularity, the cost of energy does not! Introducing the Sequence Titan Series: Imagine 12,00 GPH for less than 845 watts!

THE HIGHEST EFFICIENCY PUMPS available for water garden applications - where you need them most, in high flow rates between 12,000 and 32,000 GPH and head capabilities between 21 and 180 feet, the Sequence Titan series is sure to cover most large scale water requirements. Made in USA.


Do these pumps come ready to plumb ?  It appears that there are some type of plates that fasten to the intake / discharge that allows for the pvc connections.  Also , do they have a leaf basket for this pump application ?

Answer from the Manufacturer: 

The Titan pumps can be supplied with flange kits or you can source the flange kits yourselves locally.  If you want us to include the flange kits, we will just simply need to add -K at the end of the part number.  So, 18000SEQ45 does not have the flange kit whereas 18000SEQ45-K does include the flange kit.  There is $225 adder to the list price if we include them.  The flange is a 3 on the intake and 2 on the discharge.  

We do have our 500 cubic inch strainer basket with 3 ports that you can use with the Titan pumps.  Since the basket has a 3 port and the intake of the pump is 3 port, you will just need to have a small 3 spacer pipe to connect the basket to the pump.  

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12,000 GPH for less than 845 watts. Pond pumps, pond supplies from The Pond Outlet.

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