Single Disk Fogger by Alpine No Lights

Single Disk Fogger by Alpine | Foggers

Single Disk Fogger by Alpine
No Lights

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Brand: Alpine


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Part #: BKG39


Includes fogger and transformer. Same as BKG101 but without lights.

Add an exotic touch to any indoor fountain with the "Fogger."

Simply place in fountain, plug it in, and instantly the free flowing fog creates an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.

Adding a few drops of essence oil produces a beautiful aroma to immediate surroundings, enhancing the mood.

Ultrasonic technology eliminated the need for any chemicals.

Dry-ice effect without the dry ice.

Completely safe.

One year limited guarantee.

Output is 24v AC - 24 watts

Dimensions- 2"L x 2"W x 2"H

Weight- 2.2 lbs

Disk is brass coated


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