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The SL Series UVs are ideal for large commercial or residential ponds, aquariums, and water features.

SLís are engineered to accommodate high flow rates and varying water temperatures.

The single chamber design is easy to handle, install and maintain.

Aqua Ultraviolet UVís will clear your water in 3 to 5 days sometimes overnight and keep it that way. 

AUVZA00194 - SL100 3" NO WIPER 110V

AUVZA00268 - SL100 3" w/ Wiper 110V

AUVZA00301 - SL100 3" w/ Wiper 240V

AUVZA00436 - Stainless Steel SL100, 2" w/ Wiper 110V

AUVZAS90201 - SL200 w/ 3" IN/OUT [ONE LAMP] 110V/60HZ

AUVZAS90202 - SL200 w/ Wiper and 3" IN/OUT [ONE LAMP] 110V

AUVZAS90200 - SL200 w/3" IN/OUT [ONE LAMP] 240V

AUVZAS90203 - SL200 w/ Wiper and 3" IN/OUT, 240V

AUVZAS90204 - Stainless Steel SL200 2"110/60

AUVZAS90205 - SL200 3" International 240/50

AUVZAS90211 - SL200 2" 220-240V/60Hz

Where do I install my UV?

The best place to install your Aqua Ultraviolet Sterilizer is after the filter. If an after the filter installation is not feasible, your sterilizer can be installed before the filter, but it will take a little longer to work. If installed before the filter, be aware that a small rock passing from the pump can break the quartz sleeve. It is recommended
that if you install your unit before your filter, you check the UV periodically for any water leakage due to a broken quartz sleeve. Be sure to have adequate pre-filtration to prevent breakage. (A broken quartz sleeve and any damage caused by a broken quartz sleeve is not covered under warranty.)

Do I have to turn my UV off when I clean my filter?
Yes, the SL Units are completely water cooled, and should not be run without water or when water is at a stand
still for any length of time. This may cause extensive, irreversible damage to the unit and is not covered under

What should I expect after my UV is installed?
If your Aqua Ultraviolet system is installed after the filter and is properly sized the water should be clear in 3-5 days. If your Aqua Ultraviolet system is installed before the filter the water should be clear in 7-10 days. The green algae on the sides and bottom of the pond will not disappear, this is normal in a pond. The UV doesnít control this type of algae.

Whatís the difference between a sterilizer and a clarifier?
As a sterilizer, your Aqua UV system will keep your pond or aquarium water crystal clear in addition, you will have the added benefit of bacterial control which will help keep your fish healthy and happy with less risk of disease.
As a clarifier your pond will still have a green tint to it, unless you have 50-75% plant coverage or your pond is in full shade.

Do I install my UV vertically or horizontally?
You can install your Aqua Ultraviolet standard SL system either way. Units with the wiper option should be installed horizontally to keep the wiper seals wet.

What should my flow rate be on my pond or fresh water aquarium?
The optimum flow rate on your pond or fresh water aquarium is to turn over the volume of water once every hour or a minimum of once every other hour.

What should my flow rate be on my salt water aquarium?
Your minimum flow rate should be 3-5 times the volume of water per hour.

Should I bypass part of my water through the UV and the rest back to the water supply?
No. Our UV was specifically designed to handle high flow rates for easier installation and the best water quality.

Is this unit submersible?
Not this specific series.

Does the UV light have any residual effect to the fish?
UV only affects what passes through the chamber. There is no residual effect from UV light.

Does the UV kill good bacteria?
Ultraviolet light does not discriminate about what it destroys. If good bacteria pass by the light it will be destroyed. The good bacteria colonized in your filter and along the sides and bottom of your pond are not affected. The only time it will be affected is if it becomes free floating.

How often should I change my lamp?
Lamps should be changed after 14 months of continuous use.

Are all UV lamps of the same length the same wattage?
No. The power output of the lamp has nothing to do with its length; other factors like the amount of mercury it
contains and the power supply that feeds the lamp govern this.

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