Society Garlic - Tulbaghia Violacea

Society Garlic - Tulbaghia Violacea | Tropical Bog Plants

Society Garlic - Tulbaghia Violacea

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Society Garlic is a beautiful & showy ornamental plant for the water garden. 

Clusters of lilac-pink flowers bloom all season above tall foliage. These clumps of grey-green long, thin leaves emit a garlic smell when cut or bruised. 

The leaves can be used in cooking like garlic chives & the bulbs can be used like garlic. Society Garlic is known to help ward off snakes and is also said to deter moles from vegetables and flowers when planted in a surrounding row or border. 

  • Deter Snakes & Moles
  • Showy Lilac-Pink Flowers
  • Great For Cooking

Shipping size: 4" Square Pot - Approximate 6" Plant

PLANT TYPETropical Bog Plant
GROWING LIGHTFull Sun To Partial Shade
BLOOM TIMESpring To Fall
PLANT SIZEVertical Up To 24""
PLANT SPREADHorizontal Up To 24""
ALSO KNOWN ASTulbaghia Violace


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