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Spillway Bowl & Basin Fountain Kit | Pavers/Spillway

Spillway Bowl & Basin Fountain Kit

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 58087

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Aquascape Spillway Bowl, Basin and Stand allows for unlimited installation possibilities. The Aquascape Spillway Bowl and Basin can be installed as a disappearing water feature or several Spillway Bowls can be linked together for an amazing display.

  • Made from durable GFRC
  • Unique and beautiful patina finish
  • Light Weight and easy to install

Kit Includes:

  • The Aquascape Spillway Bowl and Basin Landscape Fountain Kit comes packaged with everything you will need to create a stunning water feature in nearly any outdoor space
  • INCLUDES: Spillway Bowl 32 Inch, Spillway Basin 40", Spillway Bowl Stands, AquaBasin 45 water feature basin, pre-cut kink-free pipe and Ultra 2000 Water Pump
  • Fountain Bowl and Basin are made from durable glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) with a unique and beautiful patina finish
  • Installation is made simple with Aquascape field-tested components, proven water delivery systems and exceptional product support materials

Customer Question:

Can the 58087 Spillway Bowl Kit be left outside in the Winter in PA?

Aquascape Answer:

It is recommended to bring inside for the winter, but we understand that is not always possible. If you are able to turn them upside down, or put some sort of cover over them, to prevent any snow or water from potentially pooling up or freezing in the bottom, you will be perfectly fine.

Customer Question:

Iíve been struggling with the Ultra 2000 pump, not having enough flow for the bowls. I struggled all of last summer. And now Iím going through it this year. I have to tip the top bowl at almost a 20 degree angle, in order to prevent the water from running underneath the spill lip. When it runs under there, it doesnít run into the submersed tank, and it is all lost. By tipping the top bowl, the water does flow into the bottom bowl (which is over the submersed tank), but not as we would like. It also looks odd having the top bowl tipped so hard, and Iím not sure how safe it is to have it tipped that hard. Iíve cleaned the pump and filter frequently. Iíve tried adjusting the flow valves. Iíve used and algae guard to prevent any buildups. Iíve checked for kinks in the lines and leaks. I just canít get an adequate flow. Do you have a suggestion of maybe a larger pump?

Aquascape Answer:

First, make sure that the bowls are not touching. Most often, this is caused by the hand finishing of the bowls. The spout is not always perfectly smooth. The fix for this is a bead of clear silicone underneath the lip. This will keep the water from hugging any irregular surfaces and going behind the bowl.. The next most common cause can be a layer of bio-slime that can build up on the lip. Simply wiping the lip with your finger or a cloth will remove. If it is truly a waterflow issue, they can try running the Ultra pump without the sponge.

7/29/19 Update from Customer on the issue above: Just wanted to update you in case this issue arises with someone else. The bead of clear silicone caulk is the ticket! Itís working perfectly!!! After all of this time of frustration....the answer is such a simple fix.

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