Springflo Bio Filter Media 750M

Springflo Bio Filter Media 750M | Bio-Balls/Lava Rocks

Springflo Bio Filter Media 750M

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Brand: Savio


SF01- Springflo Bio Filter Media 750M

SF05 - 1/3 Roll Springflo 250M

SAFSavio Springflo - Cutting Edge Performance, More Surface Area

This is not just another plastic media - it's hybrid technology! You are looking at the world's most advanced bio filter media. The remarkable, embossed green coils of Savio Springflo(tm) provide more surface area for beneficial, waste-purifying microorganisms than any other product of similar volume. Patented design resists clogging, channelling, and encourages rapid bacterial growth for healthier, cleaner ponds and water gardens.

Savio Springflo's embossed pattern provides over 180 sq. ft. of active surface area per box. Easily self-dispenses - simply hold above filter and start unwinding from center. While other media have a short usable life (they work best off the shelf) - the "loose coil" effect created by Savio Springflo(tm) fosters an ideal environment for waste filtering - it actually works best as it gets dirtier. Plus, it's very easy to clean - just don't use soaps, hot water, or chemicals, as they can harm the beneficial bacteria thriving to keep your pond clean, naturally. Savio Springflo(tm) is a special formulation of embossed polypropylene and calcium carbonate that lasts for an entire year. Plus, it's an easy upgrade for any old style filter still using filtermat, gravel, bio-balls, or floss.

What is Springflo?
Springflo, is a highly versatile and effective filter medium ideally suited for all cold water recirculating systems and water gardening applications. It provides a dimpled ribbon surface on which beneficial (nitrifying) bacteria grows. These bacteria convert harmful ammonia producted by fish into relatively harmless nitrate.

Springflo is made from a composite of polypropylene and calcium carbonate. Bacteria grows on this media very quickly and are able to maintain secure and thriving colonies. To maximize the surface area, the material is formed into very thin ribbon. Then the surface area is further increased (over 50%) by embossing with a diamond pattern. This process provides millions of "dimples" to assist the settling and colonization of nitrifying living bacteria. Unlike many media, all of the surface area on Springflo can be colonized by bacteria without clogging. The entire filter core is therefore potentially always active. Springflo increases filter efficiency, reduces filter size requirements, significantly reduces cleaning cycles, and plays an integral part in maintaining a living pond.

Free from Clogging
Springflo is virtually uncloggable. In fact, it runs best with minimal interference from the user. A light agitation of the media while draining the filter chamber dislodges debris while allowing living bacteria to remain attached. Lightly rinse the media with pond water after draining the chamber, close the drain valve and restart the system. No further maintenance is required.

High Surface Area
Springflo contains more surface area for bacterial colonization than other materials with similar volume. It is possible to pack more than 500 square feet of useable Springflo surface area into one cubic foot of filter core.

Versatile Medium
Water can easily flow through the thin ribbon construction, minimizing the formation of "dead spots." In trickle type filters, waste can easily track along the ribbon, enhancing performance. The space, or void, between the strands of Springflo is adjustable by simply expanding or contracting the placement of the media.

Non-clogging and ease of cleaning make Springflo very easy to use. It is very light (10 square feet of surface area on average weighs only 88 grams or 3 ounces!)

Water Sedimentation
Springflo is effective in the removal of fine particles from suspension in pond water. The huge surface area and dimpling slows the water down as it moves over the surface, encouraging particles to settle out of the water.

Benefits of Springflo:
Better Filtration - Dimpled ribbon creates millions of surfaces for bacteria.
Works Best When Dirty - Designed to filter while dirty without clogging.
Encourages Living Bacteria - Stops constant cleaning. Great for living bacteria.
Easy to Maintain - Just jiggle media and drain dirty water.
Each box contains 180 square feet of surface area.
Suitable for up to 3 cubic feet of filter volume.


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