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Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filters

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Brand: Tetra

SKU: TET26566

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Bio-Active Pressure Filters provide mechanical and biological filtration to help maintain clear and healthy pond water. Its unique open profile bio-activators provide large surface area and unrestricted water flow to all surfaces for improved cleaning. 

It is designed with an easy, backflush valve for fast cleaning. This filter also integrates an Ultra-Violet Clarifier that provides permanent control of suspended algae which cause green water.

Includes a 2 year limited warranty (excludes bulbs). 9 foot power cord.

The unique open profile bio-activators will not clog and give you the most surface area possible. With no foam to clog, the simple back flush feature keeps your filter performing in peak condition with no need to open the filter for cleaning.

  • Open-profile Bio-Activators offer superior filtration and back flush performance
  • Available with and without UV
  • A layer of bio-film containing beneficial bacteria will remain on the bio-reactors
  • No need to replace the bio-activators
  • A minimum of 2,500 GPH is required for back flushing
  • Use with pumps between 2,500 - 4,500 GPH
  • 9 ft. power cord
  • Accepts 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" tubing


TET26566: BP1500 with 9-wt UV

TET26563 - BP1500 no UV

TET26567: BP2500 with 18-wt UV

TET26564: BP2500 no UV

TET26568: BP4000 with 18-wt UV

TET26565: BP4000 no UV

Note: If the Ballast is damaged, you must contact Tetra directly at UNITED AQUATICS 856-985-9339


Mechanical Filtration
Pond water flows down through the bio-activators which remove suspended debris and dirt from the water.

UV Clarifier
Each Bio-Active Clarifier comes complete with a UV Clarifier Bulb. The UV clarifier works by exposing single-celled algae to very high levels of Ultra Violet light as the pond water containing them is pumped through the clarifier. The water containing single-celled algae comes in close contact with the light from the UV bulb that is protected from the water by a quartz glass sleeve. The Ultra Violet radiation disrupts the algae’s ability to reproduce. The algae die and clump together; at which point they are easily removed by the bio-activators inside the pressure filter.

Biological Filtration
Biological Filtration occurs on the massive surface areas found in the bio-activators. Beneficial bacteria will naturally colonize on the surface area and convert harmful pollutants in the water into relatively harmless nitrates, which are absorbed by the aquatic plants and removed by partial water changes. This is known as the “Nitrogen Cycle”.

Bio-Active Pressure Filters come equipped with bio-activators which offer superior filtration and back flush performance over foam. In normal filtration operation, these bio-activators easily trap dirt and debris from your pond and because of their shape they provide a large active surface area for the beneficial bacteria to colonize for upgraded biological filtration. During the back flush operation, bio-activators provide unrestricted water flow to all the surfaces so that dirt and debris are thoroughly removed while leaving the beneficial bacteria on the bio-activator surfaces intact and robust.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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