Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filters - DISCONTINUED - Parts Still Available

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Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filters
- DISCONTINUED - Parts Still Available

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Brand: Tetra

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New from Tetra Pond. The remarkable Bio-Active Pressure Filter provides mechanical, biological and UV clarification - all in one rugged, efficient unit. Specifically designed for maximum ease of use and convenience. 

  • Features unique open-profile bio-activators for improved cleaning. 
  • Back flush valve reverses flow to flush out accumulated debris and sludge quickly and easily. 
  • Oversized latches allows for easy opening. 
  • These filters may be buried for concealment. 
  • Robust construction - built to last.

3 Sizes - for Ponds up to 1500, 2500 and 4000 Gallons

  1. Water is pumped from the pond.
  2. Water under pressure is forced into the bio-activators which trap dirt and debris.
  3. Beneficial bacteria convert ammonia, which is harmful to fish, into nitrates, which are consumed by aquatic plants. This is known as the Nitrogen Cycle.
  4. Filtered water is forced up the center tube.
  5. Filtered water is returned to the pond


Tet26563: 1500; no UV

Tet26564: 2500; no UV

Tet26565: 4000; no UV

Tet26566: 1500 with 9-wt UV

Tet26567: 2500 with 18-wt UV

Tet26568: 4000 with 18-wt UV

Note: If the Ballast is damaged, you must contact Tetra directly at UNITED AQUATICS 856-985-9339


The Tetra Bio-Active Advantage

  • Unique open-profile bio-media design gets water to the entire internal surface area. 
  • While foam and other closed bio-media designs clog up with dead bio-film, the Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filter exfoliates old bio-film and leaves a young, thin, highly active bio-film layer for nitrification
  • Provides mechanical and biological filtration.
  • Heavy duty construction with robust latches and 0-ring seals to ensure leakfree performance.
  • Backflush valve reverses flow for cleaning biomedia and sponges.
  • Accepts 1-1/2" ID tubing.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • The TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filters with UV Clarifier are designed similar and include the same benefits as the regular pressure filters.
  • These filters also integrate an Ultra-Violet Clarifier that provides permanent control of suspended algae which cause green water.
  • The dome on top of the filter protects the clarifier.
  • Includes a 2-year limited warranty (excludes bulbs). 
  • Designed for ponds 2000 to 4000 gallons 
  • Includes a 18 watt UV Clarifier

 Model Number




Max Pond Size

1500 gal

2500 gal

4000 gal 

Recommended Pump

DHP3600 (TET26569-DHP-3000)

DHP4200 (TET26570-DHP-4000)


Overall Height




*2500 gallons per hour is required for effective back flushing. 

Do not exceed 4500 gallons per hour

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


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